Available Courses

Offering a Certificate of Attendance and 0.5 CEUs per course
Norwich Pro's skilling microcertificates are designed to give you new skills for growing your career.

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  • Developing Your Leadership Skills
  • Project Initiation: Team Structure & Stakeholder Management
  • Project Build Up: Strategic Planning And Risk Management
  • Implementation: Calculating Value of a Project, Effective Communication and Leadership
  • Project Closeout: Capturing Feedback, Project Support, and Managing Crisis
  • Assessment and Measurement Tools
  • Operating Within Structures and Systems
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Definitions, History, & Effective Programs
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Laws & Regulations
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations: The Compliance Plan
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Hiring, Training & Company Culture
  • Risk Assessments, Code of Conduct, Communications & Training
  • Risk & Mitigation Strategies
  • Policy Development, Approval, & Implementation
  • Due Diligence: Why We Conduct These Investigations
  • Risk Circles, Supply Chain & Third Parties
  • The Structuring of Internal Investigations
  • Compliance in the Organization
  • Introduction to Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Diagnostic Analytics, Evaluating Ideas and Pareto's Principle
  • Time Series Data: Forecasting, Trends & System Dynamics
  • Data Analysis: Visual Displays, Scorecards, and Dashboards
  • Introduction to Data Visualization