Available Courses

Norwich Pro offers both self-paced or instructor-led courses. Regardless of format, courses are completed 100% online. Below you can search for a topic, filter by course offering type, and click on the course name to learn more details about the course. Earn 2 CEUs per course. If you are ready to purchase the course, click the button to buy now.

Instructor-Led Course

Cold War 2.0: Small Wars Today

This course delves into Chinese, Russian and non-state Ways of War; along with Proxy Wars and Neo-Colonialism as evidenced by Angolan, Haitian, North African, and Sub Saharan Africa examples.

Data Storytelling

This course helps you learn how to visually tell a story with your data to make your communication more effective and influence how your message is received.

Data Visualization

This course is designed to lead you through the process of analyzing and sharing of data so that you can accurately make positive impressions on others and increase your influence. Stand apart from your peers with visuals that are as powerful as they are elegant.

Deep Excel

As an integral tool in data analytics and visualization, this course dives into everything Excel, from cell input to creating pivot tables. 

Exorcising Hitler’s Ghost: The Holocaust, Denial, and the Importance of History

Take a deep and complex look at the Holocaust and what’s happened in its wake since WWII ended.

PMP/CAPM Exam Prep

Prepare for the PMP or CAPM exam so you can take your work to next level and meet your professional and personal goals. Students should fulfill PMP/CAPM work experience requirement before taking this course.
(See page 6 of PMI’s PMP Handbook)

The Bill of Rights in the 21st Century

To develop a full picture and complex understanding of the Bill of Rights, this course will examine the Bill of Rights through a modern lens.

Understanding D-Day

Enjoy a deep learning experience to thoroughly understand D-Day. This means examining it from a variety of perspectives and looking at each with a critical eye.


Workforce Development Subscription

With over 50 learning options, subscriptions are designed for individuals and organizations. Gain year-long access to mini-courses on business writing, leadership & influence, negotiation skills, creating a job portfolio, and more! $125 for individuals; $575 for organizations