Available Courses

Norwich Pro offers both self-paced or instructor-led courses. Regardless of format, courses are completed 100% online. Below you can search for a topic, filter by course offering type, and click on the course name to learn more details about the course. Earn 2 CEUs per course. If you are ready to purchase the course, click the button to buy now.

Self-Paced Course

Organizational Behavior

This course is a practical guide to applying organizational behavior research to your work for improved results. You’ll start by taking an assessment to identify your leadership style, which can help you lead authentically and resolve conflict in your organization.

Organizational Culture & Continuous Compliance Improvement

This course focuses on the importance of relationship building, leading by example, and the importance of who sits on your Compliance Committee. 

Project Management Overview

Giving you a bird’s-eye-view of project management essentials, especially project planning, this course helps you learn the most crucial foundational concepts and tools.

Risk Assessments, Policies, and Internal Controls

During this course, we’ll discuss valuable internal and external resources to use when assessing risk, including public databases, as well as the issues and policies associated with several specific types of risk.

Strategic Communication

We’ll cover essential communication principles, how you and your organization are perceived, and the role of digital media. You will get hands-on experience crafting strategic messages that suit the communications channels.

Strategy and Planning

This course discusses important steps and tips for designing your plans, conveying information clearly, and successfully competing for limited resources in order to be an effective leader.

Instructor-Led Course

AI & Cognitive Technologies Foundation

Help transform your organization into an innovative, efficient, and effective business performer by developing a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its business applications. All course materials provided and there are no prerequisites.

Analytics and Fundamentals

Gain a foundational understanding about what data analysis is, where data comes from, different types of data, and data measurement terminology so you can help make critical decisions.

Cold War 2.0: A Brief History

This course introduces students to the tools developed to understand a historic event through the lens of the time that an event occurred: Thinking in Time Analysis vs. Revisionism and Re-evaluation of “Ways of War” modeling. 

Cold War 2.0: Current Analysis

Learn Current Analysis of Peer and Near Peer Protagonists to include Russia’s Little Green Men and “Composite” Generational Warfare. The Baltic, Crimea, and Ukraine provide fertile ground for understanding generational warfare as it is thought of today.