HFACS-Healthcare Online Training
We offer state-of-the-art online training to help you get the knowledge you need on our HFACS/HFIX methodologies, as well as other core human factors topics. Using the latest in online training technology, our specialists provide you with the information you need, when and where you need it. All online courses will also help those interested in obtaining and maintaining their HFACS certification credentials.
Upon completion, participants will have the skills to apply the HFACS-Healthcare Framework, along with its companion tools to (1) perform a thorough and credible human factors analysis of patient harm events and (2) systematically generate effective interventions to improve safety.
Online HFACS Trainings are currently scheduled for the following dates in 2023: • September 27-28 • November 20-21. Additional trainings in 2024 include: • January 15-16 • March 18-19 • May 20-21 • July 22-23 • September 23-24 • November 11-12.


HFACS has become the global standard for investigating human error-related accidents across numerous, complex, high-risk industries.

The HFACS team and their work has won several awards from major organizations such as the Flight Safety Foundation, the Aerospace Medical Association, the Aerospace Human Factors Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society. 

Current & former HFACS Healthcare clients include: Mayo Clinic • AdventHealth • MedStar Health • Orlando Health • University of Wisconsin Health • Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  • MD Anderson Cancer Center  • Greenville Hospital Systems

The Curriculum

HFACS Healthcare Training
Norwich University has proudly partnered with HFACS, Inc. to offer open workshops taught by certified HFACS instructors in a virtual online setting - take the course from ANYWHERE! The instructors will walk you through state-of-the-art, hands-on training of every aspect of the HFACS-RCA toolkit, providing professional training in human factors and safety for continuing general or medical education units.


Topics to be Covered:

Basic HFACS/HFIX Methods:

  • Integrating Human Factors & Systems Engineering into the RCA process
  • Intro to the Human Factors Analysis & Classification System (HFACS)
  • Interviewing Techniques Using HFACS
  • Transforming traditional RAC Diagraming Methods Using HFACS
  • Intro to the Human Factors Intervention Matrix (HFIX)
  • Designing Proactive Tools using HFACS & HFIX

General Human Factors Topics:

  • Fatigue Management
  • Designing Effective Warnings and Alerts
  • Attention, Monitoring and Display Design
  • Automation and Human Performance
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Safety Culture

Attendees will Receive:

  • HFACS-RCS Handbook
  • HFACS Interviewing Guide
  • HFACS/HFIX/FACES Tools and Checklist
  • Certificate of Completion


Including tools that support both ANALYSIS and PREVENTION.

Learning Format

We provide a more interactive and visually engaging learning experience than you’ll find in many online course environments.
HFACS Courses are available in an instructor-led format and delivered either in-person at a training location near you, or online using our Learning Management System and Microsoft Teams.
Online HFACS Trainings are currently scheduled for the following dates in 2023: September 27-28; November 20-21. Additional trainings in 2024 include: January 15-16; March 18-19; May 20-21; July 22-23; September 23-24; November 11-12.


2 CEUs
This intensive 2-day seminar provides training in the application of innovative methods for reducing risk and improving care. Continuing Medical Education (CME) Units are available.
COST - $1500