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Norwich Pro offers both self-paced or instructor-led courses. Regardless of format, courses are completed 100% online. Below you can search for a topic, filter by course offering type, and click on the course name to learn more details about the course. Earn 2 CEUs per course. If you are ready to purchase the course, click the button to buy now.

Self-Paced Course

Applied Psychology in Project Management

Learn how you can leverage human psychology to get what we need from yourself and others through this course that studies organizational behavior, the psychology of motivation, leadership and purpose, personality and emotion, change, communication, and conflict.

Business Essentials for Project Managers

Business skills are a core element for project managers - this course focuses on helping your hone your skills to make better decisions and recommendations, manage and measure projects effectively, use cost vs. benefit considerations to influence others, and other essential business skills.

Due Diligence and Internal Investigations

This course is a practical guide to carrying out external and internal investigations to help determine whether a third party is a suitable business partner for your organization.

Introduction to Compliance Investigations

This course covers foundational information, including the definition, purpose, history and development of compliance in the United States. You’ll learn how to build a culture of compliance in your organization, as well as walk through the steps of creating a sustainable compliance plan.

Introduction to Mental Toughness and Assessment

Develop a basic understanding of Mental Toughness (MT) and its applications through this course that provides the knowledge and confidence needed to transform both you and your organizations into resilient, decisive, and performance-oriented individuals, teams and organizations. 

Leading Change

Through this course students investigate what factors lead to either successful change or failure. After this foundational work, you’ll work hands-on to create a Change Management Plan (CMP) using a research-based 8-step approach that you can apply in your present or future roles.

Long-Term Strategy Project

Using SWOT analysis, in this course you will  create a long-term strategy plan appropriate for a public works organization. This includes exploring revenue generation and funding structures, devising a media relations and social media strategy, planning your outsourcing and open bidding, and determining the most suitable leadership approach.

Management and Leadership Proficiencies

Covering transformational leadership, resource and personnel management, and various approaches to decision making, through this course you can learn how to improve performance with better information systems, to manage people, and to think critically.

Managing Complexity

This course covers scope management, mitigating common project challenges, and how to prevent and deal with feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. We’ll discuss proven techniques for moving forward when you feel stuck.

Operations and Organizations

Through this course you can learn to better understand public works culture, operations, leadership, ethics and values. Additionally, we’ll cover the RFP process and the impact of the regulatory environment on public works operations.