How It Works

2 CEUs, equivalent to 20 Contact Hours/PDUs
Professionals today face ever mounting pressure to analyze large quantities of information and to eloquently share their findings. This course is designed to lead you through that process so that you can accurately make positive impressions on others and increase your influence. Stand apart from your peers with visuals that are as powerful as they are elegant.
Start Date:
January 4, 2021
4 weeks


Meghan Oswalt, MA

Meghan Oswalt, MA, is a Learning Experience Designer with a special interest in how good visuals can help us learn more efficiently and in a deeper way. She has taught, designed, and developed courses for 10+ years in both online and classroom environments. Through her BS in Magazine Journalism from Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication and her MA TESOL from Portland State, she learned about layout design, technology for visuals, precision language, teaching adults, and curriculum design. For this course, she combines those skills with her experience conducting and presenting mixed methods research and her longtime interest in art. She keeps current on best practices with design thinking, visual storytelling, graphic design, and data visualization coursework.


Visual Analytics
We’ll spend time learning and applying best analytical design practices to images and other visuals, like infographics, to make sure that your presentations are efficient, credible, clear, convincing, upright, purpose-driven, and stunning. You’ll explore both the art and the science of good data representation.

Topics Include:

  • Making more efficient presentations
  • How to select the best type of visual for your specific purposes
  • Consuming visuals with a more discerning eye
  • Assessing visual representations’ adherence to widely accepted principles of artistic and analytical design
  • Building portfolios with new and robust visual evidence presentations that are credible, clear, persuasive, and beautiful
  • Using a more purpose-driven approach when creating graphic representations of data

Who Should Register:

  • This course is ideal for anyone who works with people, especially leaders, those who interact with the public, or anyone who creates messages for their organization
  • Government or military personnel
  • Public Information Officers
  • Communication, marketing, and PR professionals
  • Business owners or business professionals
  • Public speakers

Learning Format

We provide a more interactive and visually engaging learning experience than you’ll find in many online course environments.
The format of this class is fully online, instructor-led, pass/no pass, and can be taken as part of the certificate or independently. Certificate courses can be taken in any order unless otherwise noted.
Industry Experts
You'll experience optional live sessions with your instructor and other experts and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the subject.
Active Learning
Learn content deeply through varied case studies, topical readings, infographics and other visuals, and hands-on exercises.
Engaged Classrooms
Build your knowledge repository with weekly quizzes, open group discussions, and even the occasional debate.


Visual Analytics
Devote 6-8 hours/week
Apply knowledge to your real life
Be prepared to learn from each other