How It Works

2 CEUs, equivalent to 20 Contact Hours/PDUs
Business skills, or the lack thereof, can make or break projects and organizations, yet they are left out of many project management educational programs. At Norwich Pro, we take a different approach by making business a core element of our Project Management Certificate program. Whether you’re learning these skills for the first time or refreshing your knowledge, join us to make sure you’re equipped to thrive.
Self-paced course; start at anytime
4 weeks

Meet Your Instructor

Steve Palmer

Steve is an accomplished businessman with a passion for all things innovation. His focus is on helping companies and organizations avoid disruption by making innovation repeatable and measurable. Steve holds an MBA from George Mason University and is the owner of Ever Evolving Inc. He has also served in a number of positions throughout his career ranging from Information Systems Engineer to Director of Operations.

The Curriculum

Business Essentials for Project Managers
This course covers the business skills that project managers need to succeed. Among other topics, we cover risk, strategy, managing finances, international culture and etiquette, and how to create measurable and meaningful KPIs to demonstrate your project’s effectiveness. You’ll also get opportunities to do hands-on work with relevant tools and formulas.

Topics Include:

  • Making better business decisions and recommendations
  • Creating stronger business cases
  • Managing global projects—working with international audiences or in foreign settings
  • Calculating ROI
  • Using cost vs. benefit considerations to influence others
  • Using strategic SWOT analysis to minimize risk and recognize opportunities
  • Measuring project performance using the Earned Value Management technique

Who Should Register:

  • Adults looking to transition into a Project Management career
  • Project Managers who want to do better work
  • Anyone who works in a field that heavily relies on Project Management approaches, including: Technology, Healthcare, Engineering, Construction, Banking & financial services, Law, Education, & others

Learning Format

We provide a more interactive and visually engaging learning experience than you’ll find in many online course environments.
The format of this class is fully online, instructor-led, pass/no pass, and can be taken as part of the certificate or independently. Certificate courses can be taken in any order unless otherwise noted. 
Industry Experts
You'll experience optional live sessions with your instructor and other experts and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the subject.
Active Learning
Learn content deeply through varied case studies, topical readings, infographics and other visuals, and hands-on exercises.
Engaged Classrooms
Build your knowledge repository with weekly quizzes, open group discussions, and even the occasional debate.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Business Essentials for Project Managers
Devote 6-8 hours/week
Apply knowledge to your real life
Do the extra work when you can
Be prepared to learn from each other