How It Works

2 CEUs, equivalent to 20 Contact Hours/PDUs
You can achieve more when you learn to effectively educate, encourage, and bond with your various stakeholders. As such, we’ll teach you to identify audiences and analyze them before creating targeted communications and getting real-world feedback. We’ll cover essential communication principles, how you and your organization are perceived, and the role of digital media.
Start Date:
4 weeks


Zoe Fowler, PhD

Zoe Fowler has wide-ranging experience in Education and policy. After several years working as an English High School teacher in England, London, she completed a PhD in Educational Policy and led several multi-national government-funded research projects. Prior to emigrating to the US, she ran her own research consultancy business. Zoe now lives in Vermont, and greatly enjoys the opportunity to teach undergraduate and graduate students at Norwich University.


Strategic Communication
To lay the ground work for understanding, you’ll start by exploring roles and functions of strategic communication in organizations. Through videos, readings, quizzes, discussions, and other assignments, you’ll evaluate the various recipients of information to identify the most appropriate manner and channel for communicating with each, and get hands-on experience crafting strategic messages that suit those contexts.

Topics Include:

  • Handling internal versus external communications
  • Professional ethics in communication
  • Understanding relevant legal issues
  • Identifying how values impact communication choices

Who Should Register:

  • This course is ideal for anyone who works with people, especially leaders, those who interact with the public, or anyone who creates messages for their organization
  • Government or military personnel
  • Public Information Officers
  • Communication, marketing, and PR professionals
  • Business owners or business professionals
  • Public speakers

Learning Format

We provide a more interactive and visually engaging learning experience than you’ll find in many online course environments.
The format of this class is fully online, instructor-led, pass/no pass, and can be taken as part of the certificate or independently. Certificate courses can be taken in any order unless otherwise noted.
Industry Experts
You'll experience optional live sessions with your instructor and other experts and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the subject.
Active Learning
Learn content deeply through varied case studies, topical readings, infographics and other visuals, and hands-on exercises.
Engaged Classrooms
Build your knowledge repository with weekly quizzes, open group discussions, and even the occasional debate.


Devote 6-8 hours/week
Apply knowledge to your real life
Be prepared to learn from each other