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Everyone – from factory workers to the Board of Directors – needs to know the facts regarding the revolutionary technologies that are transforming the way we work and do business. This certificate program has created a comprehensive program consisting of a series of “master-classes” aimed at both introducing the essential facts and de-bunking the common misconceptions surrounding these topics. These noncredit, instructor-led courses can be taken as part of the certificate or individually. All course materials provided.
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 $3,195 ($798.75/course)


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For 200 years, Norwich’s mission has focused on developing our students into better leaders—leaders who respect and serve others, think critically, and act effectively with integrity; leaders who are useful citizens. We’ve tailored our courses and certificate programs to meet the unique academic and professional needs of working adults and military personnel.
Learning Format
Designed with built-in flexibility for working adults and done the Norwich way with special emphasis on quality, innovation, and challenge, these courses can work into a busy schedule and fit in around work and family. There are deadlines at the end of each week, but you choose when to get the work done. All that’s needed is an internet connection, so you can take our courses from almost anywhere in the world.
Who Should Register
Artificial Intelligence (AI) or its related Cognitive Technologies (CT). Relevant from the student-level to organizational leaders in both the public and private sectors. Managers, non-technical and technical staff members across all departments.
What You'll Need to Succeed
Devote 6-8 hours per week and spread your hours evenly throughout the week. Ensure that you can apply your lessons to your real-life experiences and do the extra assignments when you can. Be prepared to work in groups remotely.

Required Courses

Pass/no pass grading; Each certificate course is 24 Contact Hours/PDUs, or 2 CEUs