Skilling Microcertificates

Norwich Pro's skilling microcertificates are designed to give you new skills for growing your career.


Introduction to Compliance Investigations: The Compliance Plan

An introductory-level microcertificate that introduces the seven factors for an effective compliance program and the steps of forming a compliance committee. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Introduction to Data Visualization

A course focused on understanding the value of data visualization - review applications of data visualization, how to apply Excel charts to data sets and pivot tables, and more. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Introduction to Fundamentals of Data Analysis

An introductory-level microcertificate that reviews the roles of data analysis, data and analysis in decision making, and data-driven organizations. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Operating Within Structures & Systems

Through analyzing the framework of systems thinking, this course overviews approaches to management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of organizational structures. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Policy Development, Approval, & Implementation

This intermediate-level course examines the policy approval process, introduces best practices for policy implementation, and analyzes the scope of anti-corruption policy elements. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Project Build Up: Strategic Planning And Risk Management

Focusing on the second phase of project management, this microcertificate examines the risk management process and stakeholder buy-in best practices. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Project Closeout: Capturing Feedback, Project Support, and Managing Crisis

This course examines the fourth phase of project management - the Start, Stop, and Keep method of capturing feedback and how to document the team’s performance. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Project Initiation: Team Structure & Stakeholder Management

This course focuses on the first phase of project management, helping you understand the unique aspects of a project culture and developing a culture to match the project. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Risk & Mitigation Strategies

This microcertificate examines the internal and external resources available to use for risk and mitigation strategies in corporate compliance. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Risk Assessments, Code of Conduct, Communications & Training

This microcertificate introduces the concept of a code of conduct, overviews best practices for writing and enforcing a code of conduct, and the steps of internal communication. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175