Skilling Microcertificates

Norwich Pro's skilling microcertificates are designed to give you new skills for growing your career.


Assessment and Measurement Tools

An introductory-level microcertificate that overviews common tools and assessments, such as SWOT/STEEP Analysis, individual performance reviews, balanced scorecards, and benchmarks. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Compliance in the Organization

Through examining leadership, ethics, and buy-in, help expand your knowledge of internal investigations in this intermediate-level microcertificate. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Data Analysis: Visual Displays, Scorecards, and Dashboards

Introductory-level microcertificate that examines the difference between data reports, scorecards, dashboards, and conditional formatting to simple data dashboards in Excel. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Developing Your Leadership Skills

An introductory-level microcertificate designed to assist you in gaining knowledge of basic leadership principles, how to identify leadership traits, and the value of self-leadership. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Diagnostic Analytics, Evaluating Ideas and Pareto's Principle

Introductory-level course focusing on the fundamentals of data analysis, such as diagnostics analytics and Pareto's Principle through R and R-squared and linear regression variables. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Due Diligence: Why We Conduct These Investigations

An introductory-level microcertificate provides learners with the basics of due diligence and the best practices for handling negative investigations. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Implementation: Calculating Value of a Project, Effective Communication and Leadership

This course examines the third phase of project management, focusing on how effective communication can make or break your project and how to calculate the value of your project. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Definitions, History, & Effective Programs

This introductory-level microcertificate is designed focuses on laws and regulations, approaches to compliance, and DOJ policy that influence compliance programs. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Hiring, Training & Company Culture

This introductory-level microcertificate examines how to start building a company compliance program and effective methods for hiring and training. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175

Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Laws & Regulations

When designing a compliance program, examining FCPA is essential - this microcertificate explores the laws and regulations of corporate compliance. 0.5 CEUs awarded
Price: $175