Helping You Navigate Today's Events

Norwich University and Norwich Pro understand the extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the lives of people everywhere and we stand firm on our commitment to helping the Norwich community grow.
In response to current events related to COVID-19, we have pulled together valuable digital resources to help our students, alumni, and friends navigate this new normal. We’ve also partnered with Julius Education, which delivers Mission critical skills for Mission critical peopleTM, to provide specific skills training that will help you and your teams thrive during this challenging time. Julius is offering these at no cost during the COVID-19 response thanks to support from and the National Education Foundation.

Topics Included
  • Individual response to COVID-19 both personally and professionally
  • Effective managerial and team responses during a crisis
  • Safety response with disinfection recommendations
  • And more
Discount on Norwich Pro Courses
Additionally, we’d like to offer 25% off on any individual Norwich Pro courses with discount code home25.