We can bring the classroom to the workplace for group learning sessions or offer courses through an online platform or a mixture of both. You decide the delivery method and duration.

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A recent industry study by Willis TowersWatson notes that 50% of all organizations globally have difficulty retaining their most valued employee groups. Professional training and development are key to employee satisfaction that results in greater retention. By attending corporate training programs such as those offered by Norwich Pro, employees are re-energized and become more engaged and productive in what they do. Plus, the opportunity to move into new or higherlevel positions through greater learning is an enticement for current employees to perform well while drawing a higher caliber of professionals into the company.

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  1. Workforce Development
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Custom Training Needs

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Achieve long-term success with our dynamic certificate programs.


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Choose from our list of professional education courses, suggest your own topic, or select from our course portfolio to customize a program.


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Hold your corporate training program onsite, offsite, online, or a hybrid of all three. The duration can be customized based on need.


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Gain valuable insights from out subject matter experts and experienced leadership training professionals who are leaders in their fields.


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We'll tailor the program to fit your budget for corporate and agency groups of any size.


Programs Offered

Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of certificate programs in high-demand field.


Sharpen your natural capabilities, affect change in your organization and community, leverage your understanding of how humans act in groups, and communicate strategically, effectively, and visually.

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Mix and match from the following course topics to create your own customized corporate training program:

  • Management and Leadership Proficiencies (PW)
  • Strategy and Planning (PW)
  • Operaitons and Organizations (PW)
  • Project Management Overview (PM)
  • Applied Psychology in Project Management (PM)
  • Business Essentials for Project Managers (PM)
  • Managing Complexity (PM)
  • Analytics and Fundamentals (DA)
  • Deep Excel (DA)
  • Data Visualization (DA)
  • Data Storytelling (DA)
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations (CC)
  • Risk Assessments, Policies and Internal Controls (CC)
  • Due Dilligence and Internal Investigations (CC)
  • Organizational Culture and Continous Compliance (CC)
  • Organizational Behavior (LD)
  • Leading Change (LD)
  • Strategic Communication (LD)
  • Introduction to Mental Toughness and Assessment (MT)
  • AI & Cognitive Technologies Foundation (AI)


“Being able to look at a project tied to revenue, stakeholders, and timeline, while being surrounded by people who weren't coming from a military perspective was invaluable for me. It not only helped me get better at the project manager role but also helped me transition my thinking from the military to the corporate world.”


Project Management Certificate