My name is Jacqueline Shiner and I’m a graduate of Norwich University’s Master of Public Administration Program. The beauty of Norwich University is I’m a name and not a number. And there’s also a brick and mortar building that I can go to and see. Yes, I have the advantage of living in Vermont but I know that they would extend the same thing they did for me for anyone, anywhere in the world because that’s that they’re all about.

I would recommend anyone who’s looking into a graduate school program to apply to Norwich University. Why? Because the professors are so personable and readily available at all times, even though it’s online. You don’t even realize that you’re online sometimes, as you get to know these folks talking to them on the phone. In addition, Norwich University has an actual residency program where we come together for one week and actually work together, unlike many of the other universities. This has allowed myself and my fellow students to bond even further than we did on the online presence.

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