As technology continues to advance, many people are beginning to worry about potential security risks as they relate to cyber crime and online activity. Since the Internet was created, many have used it for their personal gain, resulting in numerous security breaches that have caused extensive financial damage to both individuals and corporations. Even now, despite the best efforts of security companies, many dangerous security breaches can still take their toll on corporate activities. Fortunately, there are many steps that professionals and individuals can take to learn more about the dangers and determine how they can prevent and overcome them. To learn more, check out this infographic.

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All proper safety procedures begin at the awareness stage. Individuals must know about the threat and what they can do to combat it. On average, 3,000 United States companies are victims of cyber crimes every year. In 2014, there were 783 data breaches, which was a serious rise from the year before at 27.5%. This means that there were roughly 15 breeches on a weekly average. Over 78% of all CEOs are worried about data breeches, especially after learning of these numbers and how significant the concerns are. Roughly one in every five Americans has been impacted in some way by these breeches as well. All of these statistics add up to the fact that cyber security is an important facet of business that should be handled appropriately. Otherwise, such problems will always be prevalent.

Industry Vulnerabilities

All types of industries may be at risk of cyber threats. Breaking down the businesses by their sector, there have already been some troubling statistics made. 84% of all government organizations, 80% of banking and financial institutions, 72% of telecommunications and information organizations, 70% of healthcare groups, and 62% of insurance organizations have all been targeted by cybercriminal activities. The top crimes in these industries include things such as identity theft and confidential records being compromised or stolen. Sometimes files and systems may be altered as well, and other times criminals will connect to a system or network outside of their permission.

Top Causes of Data Breaches

There are many causes for such breaches that all professionals should be aware of. The vast majority of the concerns come from malware infections, which stand at a frightening 44% of all incidents. 30% of all incidents come from accidents that occur on the inside, usually because of an employee or company system. 27% of incidents are a result of hacking attempts. 26% occur because of SQL injections, while 24% occur because of a compromised password. In 19% of all incidents, the attack was intentional or targeted at the corporation to achieve a certain end.

Employee Behavior

As far as human errors are concerned, this is one of the easiest to control aspects of cyber security breaches. All business owners should instruct their employees to be careful in their approach with the Internet and the company. The vast majority of the problems are divided into two categories: password problems and malware and phishing issues. Over 30,000 websites are infected with malware problems daily, and it is up to the employees of the company to know how to uphold the proper security procedures to the best effect.

Consequences of Security Breaches

All types of breaches can have terrible consequences. There have been many cyber crimes committed already, many of which have affected major corporations such as eBay, Target, and Home Depot. In fact, 7% of United States corporations have lost a million dollars or more because of cyber crimes. 19% of other United States corporations have lost between fifty thousand and one million dollars. In addition to the direct financial consequences, businesses may be subjected to other issues. Corporations may take a major hit in their reputation and brand name, in addition to lost time and productivity that could have helped the company move forward instead.

Protection Measures

Almost 46% of all breaches are accidentally found. One the other hand, 42% of active monitoring systems were able to identify breaches before they had the chance to become a serious issue. 23% of all detections occurred because of a third party or affiliated company notifying the one being breached. In 19% of situations, an audit or general assessment was able to locate the breach and deal with it appropriately. In order for all businesses to stay on top of their company’s cyber security systems, it is vital for them to practice careful browsing and to be prudent in planning their safety measures.

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