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How to Choose Your MBA Concentration

So you’ve decided that an MBA is right for you, but not sure what concentration will fit best? You’re not alone. Read through these tips for some help with your decision.

Why Does It Matter?

Your choice in concentration does two things: lets you gain valuable knowledge in a chose field and signals to employers where your interest and expertise lies. Most importantly, it’s essential to pick a concentration that will satisfy both your personal and professional needs.

Tips to Help You Choose

So how do you get started on the path to your decision? Take the time to think critically and do
your homework so you end up content and thriving in your concentration.

Think About the Future

Consider where you want to be in 10 years.

Research the Field and Get Involved

Once you have a couple ideas for concentrations, look into them further. Attend seminars and listen to guest speakers. Visit career fairs and talk to potential employers.

Be Flexible

Your decision stage is the time to try new things and make connections. Remember, change is inevitable.

Ultimately, your concentration should feel right to you, both professionally and personally. If you follow your passion and take the job market into consideration, you’ll be sure to end up in a job you love.

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