I chose the conflict management concentration because I want to get engaged in the world and end suffering as much as possible and bring a little bit of happiness to people around the world.

The conflict management piece of the diplomacy degree is really what motivated me to stay in. And having been in situations like the ones that we’ve discussed in class, I understand a little bit the suffering that so much of the world goes through and it really motivated me to finish the program and strive to do more later on.

Having done the program while I was deployed to Afghanistan was really challenging, but the university gave me the tools to be able to tackle hardships like that. And it really challenged me and showed me what I can do under duress and in stressful situations and still be successful at the things that not only I want to do personally, but professionally as well.

I was really impressed with how available the faculty was, especially in my situation, and how willing they were to always work with me on my tight schedule and being in the military. They always did it without complaint and we never ever reached an impasse. And that really helped me get through the course and that was one of the best memories I think I have of the program.

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